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November 17, 2008


David Blum

Awesome idea!

Christine Rimer

Kira, I'm so on board with this. I love it and would love to help spread the word. I had a long conversation last weekend with a McCain supporter and asked if Barack can change the game by inspiring all of us to give some time and some money to help him get elected, could he apply those same game changing tactics to make this country better. I asked if he would give a day of his year to volunteer to make his schools, his community better, would he and he said absolutely yes. This is exactly what I've been advocating for as Barack's DNC speech was about getting over your cynicism, getting engaged and participating in the solution. I'm inspired and committed.


Christine - you rock! I would absolutely love your help in spreading the word. Let's get together and figure out how.

Cathy Quon

I may be out on medical leave in January but if not, 2 hours on 1/20 sounds like a fabulous idea...very excellent! Now we're thinking!


Also, it ties in nicely with the Obama/Biden plan for Universal Voluntary Service. And it would be an excellent way to get our youngest children involved...which is my pet project right now!

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